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I am Ambika.  A freelance writer and journalist. A  ghostwriter and an eBook author as well.

A voracious reader, I was always known to devour books. Ambika Choudhary Mahajan Writer JournalistInspite of that, I could not have even dreamed of being a writer one day. Though my essays and write-ups were always read out in the class and appreciated, taking up writing as a career never even figured on my list. I had always aspired to be in the highly coveted Civil Services, but destiny had something else in store for me.

I cooled my heels as a hands-on mom for almost 15 years before I did an odd assignment for a friend to kill ennui. The appreciation she got for my write-up ignited something inside me.  Too proud to ask her to send some assignments my way, I Googled for nearly four months about work from home opportunities, writing online, etc.

The first assignment wasn’t easy to come by because I had no samples to show to hirers and no experience. The first gig I did was a rewriting job for which I was paid $1/ 800 words of rewriting. Thinking that it would at least help me get me some samples, I accepted it. And went on to break my back for 10 such rewrites over the next 2 days for a paltry $10!Ambika Choudhary mahajan Work from home mom

Offers started pouring in quickly and since then, I have written on a wide range of topics for satisfied clients in all parts of the world. On topics as wide ranging as health, Samurais, kite flying, blogging, making money online, SEO, work from home, traveling, makeup, beauty, technology, business, e-commerce, social media and a lot more! Occasionally, I write about WRITING itself.

A person who could not manage an email till six years back is now earning handsomely right from the cozy comfort of her living room.

I am all set to make my print debut in the next few days too.

My Pillar of Strength: My Family

I am married to an engineer turned business man, Gautam. I wouldn’t be writing today if not for his constant support and tolerance. Anyone else in his place would have disowned me (if not thrown me out) by now for typing frantically on my laptop till wee hours of the morning, night after night.

That too with the lights ON!

Please don’t think he is an angel- he can snore in at least four different tones. So, we now have a You-Tolerate-My-Noise-I’ll-Tolerate-Yours arrangement which helps maintain peace in the household.

Ambika with hubby

These are my two cheeky devils. The elder one, Shaurya, now goes to college- a Civil Engineer in the making (stop guessing my age, pleassssse) while the younger one, Rishan -the naughtier of the two,  is still in school.

Ambika's kids

Getting Back to Work

You can head to my portfolio to see some of my previously published work and contact me if you would like to avail my services. Assuring you sterling content within your deadlines- always!

Want to know more about how I can help you with creating high quality content?

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